I’m sitting in the lobby of the Louisville Marriott. I’m here because the ABA’s Winter Institute is here. And I’m writing because I told myself I could not go to bed until I started the book blog I’ve been longing to start for months. It started a few months ago at the NAIBA Fall Conference; I went to a great panel on the internet possibilities for booksellers that inspired me to want to start a blog, and I even thought of a name! And by the time I got home, I had talked myself out of it. I’ve been dwelling on it ever since. Then, this morning, I went another great panel called “Digital Revolution 2.0” and I swore when I walked out that I would do it, and I would do it today. So here it is.

I am a young bookseller who is learning to admit that I want to spend the rest of my life being a bookseller. I love books. I swallow books whole and don’t bother to spit the bones out afterwards. I have a lot of opinions about books, and the people who read them, and the people who write them, and make them, and write about them. And that is what this blog will be all about. I have made an attempt in the past on a personal blog to blog every book I read, which failed because I tried to write something about all of them and didn’t have time. So what I will do with this one is, list every book, but only write something if I feel like it. If people want to know more about a book, they can just ask.

Thank you: ABA, Winter Institute, Emerging Leaders reception I was just at, my boss, and all the people who are responsible for the two lovely piles of free books on my bed.

ps: “voracious reader with a certain verbal attitude” comes from a news article from March 2006 that has now disappeared off the internet. It was about a spelling bee between nuns and librarians. The librarians won, of course. And the team leader (whose name I do not know, except that the last name was Brown) described her team as voracious readers with a certain verbal attitude. Which may well be one of the most melodic phrases I have ever heard.


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