The book thieves (and other links)

This article, in the Stranger, should be interesting to any bookseller who wonders, come inventory time, just where exactly those supposed 4 copies of On the Road have gotten to.  I’ll second the popularity of “any graphic novel.”  In addition, I’ve noticed the PostSecret books grow legs an awful lot (I think we must have lost 3-4 over the holiday season, which hurts, given that they’re HCs that you can’t not have in stock!), and I also keep a close eye on The Communist Manifesto.

Also ran across a blog I hadn’t seen before: Pub Rants, which I really love.  As I was reading back through the last few months, I particularly loved this (re-)post about the 25 things that repeatedly show up in YA novels.  Especially # 11 – Heroines who can’t carry a tune, even if it were in a bucket; # 10 – Guys with extraordinarily long eyelashes (seriously, what is up with that?); and definitely # 4 – Main characters who want to be writers, although this applies to fiction in general, I think.  Yeah, I’ve heard of write what you know, but you’d think a group as dedicated to creativity as (I hope) the writing community is would find more inventive ways to apply this maxim.

Finally, if you are part of that (rare? not sure) group that loves both books and Lost, then this should keep you occupied for the next half hour, and then keep your mind working for the next few days.


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