Well, I didn’t fall for Gmail’s April Fools joke, but Shelf Awareness TOTALLY pranked me this morning.  I actually gasped, and I’m ashamed to say how many paragraphs it took for me to figure out that it was a joke!  (In my defense, I still haven’t had any tea yet today.)

I actually found the Perseus article the funniest, due to a number of Perseus incidents we’ve had in the past year.  Hopefully it is okay that I am re-printing it here:

“In a move that further conslidates book wholesaling, Perseus Book Group is buying Ingram Book Group’s wholesaling and distribution businesses. Ingram’s Lightning Press and other digital subsidiaries are not included in the sale. The purchase makes Perseus the largest book wholesaler and distributor in the country.

“Effective immediately, all titles in Perseus Distribution’s Jackson, Tenn., warehouse will be trucked around the country for a while before being unloaded at random Ingram warehouses. Once Perseus titles have been put into Ingram inventory, Perseus will then vacate the Ingram warehouses and move all stock into several new warehouses, where construction started this week.

In an exclusive interview, Perseus president and CEO David Steinberger told Shelf Awareness that the purchase had come about in large part because ‘things had settled down too much’ after the company’s battle for control of PGW and the absorption of Consortium and much of PGW into the old CDS system. ‘Frankly many of us have missed the drama.'”

Hehehehehehehe.  Happy April Fools!


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