38. The Market by J. M. Steele (Hyperion, 2008). I just ripped through this because my YA book discussion group is reading it in August, and I needed to know what it was about in order to write about it! I really, really liked it. Here’s a piece of my little write-up for the pamphlet I hand out about the group: “The premise of this book is new and different: imagine that a group of people at your high school were playing a stock market that was completely based on the rise and fall in popularity of your female classmates. Sounds horrific, right? Now imagine that your two best friends work together to use you to manipulate the market and win $25,000, by making you popular. As Kate becomes Kat, and her social status starts to rise, the whole school is buzzing, but she begins to wonder what the point is, and who she is. Hard to put down! Spot-on in most of its observations about the crazy rules of high school social life.”

I am really excited about this season’s YAG (Young Adult Group) line-up! Here it is:

May 1: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Because several people asked me to! I’m actually the only YA fan left on the planet who hasn’t read this yet, so I should probably get on that.

June 5: Generation Dead by Daniel Waters. I loved this book, as I have noted before. (Booksense link to come once the book is out!)

July 16: Little Brother by Cory Doctorow. Not only did I love this book, but I totally had a little fangirl moment when Cory Doctorow (yes, this one) replied to my pie-in-the-sky email to say he’d love to participate in our group discussion via phone! Yes, I am a big Internet dork. Doesn’t change the fact that it’s an awesome book! (Ditto wrt the link.)

August 7: The Market by J. M. Steele. As noted above. And we’ll have one half of the duo behind the pseudonym with us at the discussion!

If you want to join us–and why wouldn’t you?–we meet from 6-7pm. Except for in July, when we will be meeting 11am-12noon to accommodate the fact that Cory is calling from London. All YAG books are 10% off! (NB: YA-loving adults are as welcome as teens, but have to be aware that they will not be allowed to take over the discussion simply because they are grownups.)


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