Authors I feel sorry for

This post was inspired by publicity info for Kate Mosse.  I feel bad for her because even though her first book, Labyrinth, was a best-seller and, according to everyone I know who read it, completely awesome; and even though her new book Sepulchre is likely to receive the same attention and praise; Putnam has now twice in a row saddled her with ATROCIOUS covers.  Just ugly, ugly covers.  I just now said that out loud and a customer overheard and agreed with me.  Seriously, click on the links, look at the covers.  HOW BORING.  Thank heavens she is a good writer, because otherwise nobody would pick up those books.

Then I started thinking about other authors I feel sorry for.  At the moment, I feel sorry for anybody who publishes with a Perseus-affiliated publisher, because while they have always been aggravatingly incapable of getting our orders right on the first try, in the last month their incompetence has elevated to ridiculous levels.  I don’t know what their problems are, and I really don’t care, I just want to be able to get correct shipments in here without having to make MULTIPLE follow-up calls.  I know I’m not alone here!  Booksellers who are so inclined, I welcome Perseus horror stories or empathetic murmuring in the comments.

Anyway, I feel bad for those authors because at this point, we are so fed up that we don’t want to have anything to do with Perseus, even through wholesalers.  That would suck because that would mean shutting out a plethora of great authors and great independent presses.  But Perseus is INFURIATING!  We are considering doing a vendor of record program with a wholesaler and only ordering their books that way.  Any other suggestions?


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