From today’s Shelf Awareness, a hilarious interview with Jon Scieszka:

Can you weigh the pros and cons of the title “Laureate” versus “Ambassador?”

That’s a hot-button issue. That was decided at the highest level, at the Library of Congress.

I was a fan of “Laureate” because it’s easier to remember. No one can remember “National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature.” It doesn’t even have a good acronym: naypul? I call myself “the Ambassador” because it works better. I’ve been claiming all Ambassador privileges, ranging from parking wherever I want to full diplomatic immunity. I’m still hoping for the attack helicopter with my seal on the side.

Last week, at Viking’s 75th Anniversary party, you were hooting and whistling when Regina Hayes was being introduced at the microphone. Do you think that is appropriate behavior for an Ambassador?

I think that was someone else, actually, my Aide-de-Camp. You probably confused that noise coming from me. It was probably my Aide-de-Camp and my Sergeant at Arms, both of whom go with me wherever I go. One takes the fall; the other takes any bullets that come my way. That third person hooting and hollering was my pastor, from whom I’ve since distanced myself.”

Jon was at our store a few months ago, and he was just as delightful as you’d think!  I have a lovely signed Octopus (of Cowboy & Octopus fame) on top of my monitor that makes me smile pretty much every day.  One of these days I’ll find the cord that links my computer to my camera, so you can see it!


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