Things I am crushing on

Thing One: An old flame, The Virginia Quarterly Review.  Rekindled by this blog entry listing some awesome reasons for rejecting submissions.  It’s impossible to pick my favorite, but here’s one of them: “If this were written by an eighth grader, I’d call a parent/teacher conference to discuss his anger issues. Since he’s a self-published novelist, though, I can only decline this and move on with my life.”

Thing Two: Another old flame rekindled, Sherman Alexie.  Apparently, there were people who were not too happy with his comments on a PW panel about what makes a YA a YA, but I am not one of them.  This made me laugh hysterically: “Alexie spoke of the response he’s received from writers in the adult world, since publishing Absolutely True Diary. ‘I thought I’d been condescended to because I’m an Indian,’ he said. ‘That was nothing compared to the condescension I get because I’ve written a YA novel.'”

Thing Three: A new crush!  THE IRON MAN MOVIE.  I’m not even sure I can write about it without breaking down into fangirl babble.  BUT IT WAS SO AWESOME.  And I am TOTALLY going as Pepper Potts for Halloween this year.  (Even if you don’t know anything about Iron Man, you’ll like it–I’m a comics girl, but didn’t know much about Iron Man before I went in–so go see it!)


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