Thanks, moms!

Taking a cue from some non-book blogs I read, a post about lessons I’ve learned from my moms*–except I’m going to keep my lessons purely book and bookselling-oriented (otherwise we’d be here all day).

1. If you don’t like a book, don’t keep reading it, for heaven’s sake. Life is too short.

2. Read or die. (ganked directly from Mom’s FAQ, actually)

3. You might not judge a book by its cover, but plenty of people do, so keep that in mind when making a display.

4. Don’t allow a man (or a woman) to take you out unless he reads (and, for that matter, is a registered voter).

5. Book censorship is completely indefensible.

6. You sleep better if you read before bed.

7. There is no way of knowing for sure which books are going to be super-popular, so don’t beat yourself up when you get it wrong.

8. Enthusiasm sells books better than anything else.

9. If you don’t know how to do something, go find a book about it.

10. Kids like creepy, weird, strange books, because kids’ brains are creepy, weird, and strange.

ETA: 11. Loan out books indiscriminately.  Books are happiest when they’re being read, people are happier when they have good books, and friendships are  strengthened by conversation about good books (unless they’re not, in which case, good riddance).

It is my mom’s fault that I am a bookavore. When she was pregnant with my little sister and on bedrest most of the time, our life was getting grocery bags full of books from the library and lying in bed to read them all day. My earliest memories are of laying down surrounded by books. Is it any wonder that I feel at peace in a bookstore? (I also have early memories of everybody at the dinner table reading a different book rather than talking.)

*By moms, I include not only my actual mom, but also my step-mom (linked that instead of her home page so you can see how awesome she is), and countless maternal figures who have been in and out of my life, including the Head Buyer and Children’s Book Buyer at my current job.


3 comments so far

  1. Sarah on

    I like #4 – not that I have anyone to apply it to at the moment, but it’s so true!

  2. Laurie Halse Anderson on

    This is awesome, sweetie – thanks!

  3. Charlie on

    May is national Get Caught Reading month! (:

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