Waiting in the airport

So I am waiting in the airport for a bus to take me to Newark, at which point I will get on a plane to Los Angeles, to go to Book Expo America!  Yay!  I am incredibly excited.  And I will be sharing my excitement–I will update here at least once a day while I’m there, and I will liveblog any panel that the panelists allow me to.

I meant to blog all the books I’ve read lately before I left–the pile is getting a bit intimidating, and there’s a lot of great stuff in there–but was too busy having food poisoning this morning to blog.  So instead, two links.  Here’s an article on BEA’s attempt to go green, and here’s one bashing a stupid article that posits that the best way to change publishing would be to let Amazon print and distribute every book, ever.   (Seriously.)  You know you want to read an article that starts: “In an industry besieged by variables, there is but one reliable constant in publishing — everyone thinks they know how to make the business better (more profitable, more reliable, more efficient, or “fairer”, whatever that means in their perspective), and they are all wrong.”

Watch this space–BEA updates start tonight!  Is there anything you really want to hear about?  Let me know in the comments.


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  1. Lil Fish on

    Oh no! You really did take a bus…a LANDbus! I can’t believe it! And you’re going the wrong direction too! Time for a snack. How about a bagel. mmmmmm….yum yum bagel…a little squarshed
    but entirely edible. gee…wonder how things are at the bookstore. Does anyone miss me? I DO LIL STEF!
    It’s SO QUIET w/o you.

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