BEA: Friday

My god, my shoulders are literally numb from lugging around tote bags full of books all day. Which I suppose is actually a pretty good problem to have, all things considered. It was a short day, or at least it felt like it. I’m feeling a little whiplashed.

Okay, I’m trying to think about my day chronologically, and I’ve already forgotten what I did in the morning. I stopped by the Bookazine booth to say hi, wandered the floor a little bit, and then finally met up with my friend Jill from Square Books (Junior). We went over to the ABA Lounge, which was a blessed oasis amidst the BEA chaos, where I got a cool pin from the ABFFE and looked some more at the IndieBound stuff (have you checked out that website yet? You should!) Then we wandered the graphic novel section, where I was excited to see a definite increase in children’s comics that look awesome.

Then it was time for lunch–ABA author luncheon! Lots of great BookSense pick authors from the last few years, as well as many of the nominees and winners of the BookSense Books of the Year. The author at my table was Lisa Tucker, of The Cure For Modern Life, a book that is in my TBR pile already. The speeches from the nominees and winners were great, but there were two definite highlights. First, Ray Bradbury was a guest of honor, and when he was introduced, he received an immediate and sustained standing ovation from everybody in the room. It was an honor just to be sitting two table away from him, seriously. And second, Khaled Hosseini, whose A Thousand Splendid Suns won BookSense Adult Fiction Book of the Year, gave a great little speech in which he said that he believes that there are many writers from Afghanistan who are better than he is, but who for various reasons have not had the opportunities he has, and until one of them wins this award, he will accept it for them as a proxy. (He also said he’d be especially pleased if the author was a woman.) Now, I have just totally mangled that, but rest assured, when he said it, it was lovely.

The afternoon was primarily devoted to waiting in lines for signed books, not the ABA membership meeting, I’m sorry to say–as I said to someone in the elevator, if I have to chose between a meeting and a signed book from Sherman Alexie, I’m going to pick Sherman Alexie every time. By the time I was done standing in line after line, I was drained, and we took the metro back to the hotel and here I sit.

But words are boring–don’t you want to see pictures of famous authors? Of course you do, especially because they are pretty much all very good-looking.

Ariel Schrag

Ariel Schrag: If you read Bookavore regularly, you should know that I’ve just discovered her books–I was so excited to see that she was signing!

Brian Selznick

Brian Selznick, who is quite funny in addition to being a dapper gentleman.

M. T. Anderson

M. T. Anderson, my fake uncle. I am beyond thrilled to have the galley of the new Octavian Nothing book, which so far tops the list of books that go home on the plane with me.

Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow–as the YA book group is talking with him via IM conversation in July, it was so cool to meet him in person today.

Sherman Alexie

Sherman Alexie!!!!!!!! Deserving of the multiple-exclamation-point treatment. If I was in the habit of picking my favorite book of the year, I think Absolutely True Diary would have been my favorite of 2007. According to this article, he is in trouble with the Seattle SuperSonics’ lawyers, which is hilarious.

Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith

Steve Niles, Ben Templesmith, and Bookavore. Hopefully you can’t tell in the photo, but my inner fangrrrl was leaping about. They were surprised that I recognized them (well, I half-recognized them, and then was grateful that the name badges backed up my wondering).

Autumn Cornwell and Bookavore. YA book group talked with her on the phone a few months ago when we read Carpe Diem, and it was great to meet her in person! She is so dynamic, I love it.

Other authors I stood in line for: Tony Millionaire, Jaime Hernandez, and Danica Novgorodoff. It was practically a sin how short the lines for the graphic novel folks were, but on the other hand, it meant less standing, so I shouldn’t complain.

There are a few more photos in my flickr account, including a few of IndieBound posters, like this one:


What else is there, truly? On the list of the best things in life, those are definitely the top three. (Speaking of which, I need to go to dinner.)


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  1. Laurie Halse Anderson on

    Hey. Hey!

    Don’t forget the little people waiting for your BEA updates.


  2. Charlie on

    Ray Bradbury!!!!! *swoon*

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