BEA: Thursday, part IndieBound

So!  The big secret!  Can now be told!

It was revealed at the Celebration of Bookselling last night, where many great books, booksellers, and bookstores were honored.  And at the end, the big reveal!  BookSense, which has had an amazing 10-year run and has been crucial to the revitalization of indie bookstores, is going away, and in its place is IndieBound.  Words cannot express how excited I am about this–I think it’s just what indies need right now, and if it’s half as cool as the stuff I saw yesterday morning, it’s going to be huge.  Go poke around the website and see what you can see–I’ll be posting more about this in the coming weeks when I am not trying to a million things every day at BEA!   The logo is great, the slogans are great, the T-shirts are great, and the providing of a community not just for indie booksellers, but for people who love them, is genius.  I am so psyched!


2 comments so far

  1. amy on

    Will they allow people to make wishlists now?

  2. bookavore on

    I talked to some people about this, and they like the idea. Thanks for posting, lends credence to my assertion that people do want this! If they do it, I hope it will be before Christmas.

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