BEA: Saturday (comics–oops, sorry–graphic novel breakfast)

For once, papers were where I thought they were, allowing me to bring you these quotes in a timely fashion!

Art Speigelman:

“Roy Lichtenstein did no more for comics than Andy Warhol did for soup.”

“I learned to read while trying to figure out if Batman was good or bad, which is something that Frank Miller is still trying to figure out.”

“Picasso: the first cartoonist who could pass for a painter.”

Again, on this panel, for the third time in three days, I heard the phrase “comics are a gateway drug.”

Mike Mignola, on the difference between cartooning and Hollywood: “In Hollywood, you can spend a long time working on something and have absolutely nothing to show for it.”

Jeph Loeb talked about his first job for DC, where he was asked to write Challengers of the Unknown, and where he first worked with Tim Sale.  Still accustomed to the medium of film, he kept making Tim re-draw pages over and over to get the angles the way he wanted them.  On the first issue they did together, Tim drew a total of 72 pages, meaning that there are 64 unused pages of art floating out in the world somewhere.  Jeph also said that he thinks that comic movies are not going away–they are a new, solid genre of film.

In the question and answer session, Lucy of Talking Leaves Books in Buffalo, NY brought up a point that had been bugging me–there had been a fair bit of name-dropping of box stores and Amazon, but NO mention of independents (in my margin, I had scribbled, “looks like comics folk didn’t get the IndieBound memo yet”).  Which, as she pointed out, was disappointing, since she was carrying Raw since before the box stores decided it was popular enough to include in their stores.  Then Art Speigelman said, to applause, “There would have been no Raw magazine if it weren’t for independent bookstores.”  Thanks, Art!   Jeff Smith jumped in to apologize as well.

The only other note I can read on this paper is “I have never seen so many iPhones in one place.”  Which is true, I never have.  BEA was positively chockablock with iPhones.


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