BEA: Sunday (fin)

There is not much to say about Sunday except that I was completely exhausted.  (Still was, until today, when I slept through my alarm and was three hours late to work.  Ooooooops.)  Though I did see Debbi Michiko Florence, who I recognized from LJ.  Debbi, if you see this, send me the picture you took of us so that I can include it in this post!  Shipped 65 pounds of books home, and then wandered around LA for a bit before heading to the airport on one of the weirdest cab rides of my life.  That was Sunday!  And now I am home, and trying to incorporate many of the things I learned into what I’m already doing.  This week is full of off-sites, so it’ll have to start next week, I think.  But the store is psyched about IndieBound, and can’t wait for the Literary Liberation box, so that is great.  Will update in the next day or so with a LOOOOOOONG list of books that are patiently waiting to be blogged.  For now, I am diving back into the new Octavian Nothing book!


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