BEA: A few final bits

I did get a picture from Debbi Michiko Florence but I am not posting it because I think I look horrendous. However, I will link to her awesome book, China: Over 40 Activities to Experience China–Past or Present. It is great!

Jay Asher, author of the fabulous Thirteen Reasons Why (which YA book group read in March, and then Jay spoke with us by IM, and then I promptly lost the entire conversation) posted about BEA on his blog, including the part where he and Jill and I had drinks. Which was cool, except for how a gin and tonic costs $10 dollars in LA.

Two more great BEA reports:

From Pub Rants, another sum-up of the graphic novel breakfast, hers much better than mine, as well as a great picture of the signing lines. She talks about an author describing them as “horse racing in reverse.” Personally, I’ve always seen them as cattle chutes.

And from Bookselling This Week, former bookseller and author of Swollen and Upstream Melissa Lion wrote the funniest BEA article I have read. I share her sentiment about the ABA bookseller lounge, which was definitely an oasis: “I arrived at BEA and felt very fancy because I got to bypass the lines for tickets and march right up to the ABA Booksellers Lounge, which will henceforth be known as the Chill Out Room because I secretly hope that by calling it that, next year it will be rechristened and indie booksellers will say things like, ‘Enough with these publicists and their new, hot books, I’m going to the Chill Out Room.'”

In an odd piece of news, I was told by a reader of this blog that co-op is actually his dream job. Booksellers are free to look as flabbergasted as I did when I heard this. I offered him a volunteer position at the store doing co-op–all the ARCs you can read!–but he already has a real job, unfortunately.

And in a final note to myself: never, NEVER schedule 2 off-site events for the week you get back from BEA. Don’t even schedule one.


3 comments so far

  1. melissalion on

    Co-op was my ideal job too. I swear it. I loved doing co-op and got more co-op in one month than we’d gotten the previous year.

    Thanks for the shout out! Yes, I was ego surfing…

  2. bookavore on

    The volunteer offer stands, if you ever wanted to live in Pennsylvania. Soooo many free ARCs–they could be yours.

    No harm in ego surfing, glad you found it!

  3. debbi on

    You so did not look horrendous! 🙂 I’m so glad we met! You ROCK! 🙂 xo

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