You know you’re an indie bookseller when…

you have a dream about explaining IndieBound to a customer.  You wake up, wonder about it, fall back asleep, and then have a dream about two booksellers (not from your store) you know getting married in a fabulously garish theme park wedding.  You wake up again, get weirded out, and spend the rest of the morning reading and eating mochi ice cream.

I mean, I dream about the store constantly, but these two dreams were definitely out there.  I know at my store dreams about bookselling are common; how about the rest of you?


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  1. Sarah Rettger on

    I had dreams about receiving after I started at my store. Piles and piles of cardboard boxes!

  2. Jessicaa on

    Hee hee! This totally happens to me too. I’ve worked in several indie bookstores, and the owners and the customers and the landscapes of the stores get all mixed up in dreamland. Usually there’s some sort of dragon-slaying quest or Herculean shelving task in it too… part workday, part reading material, I guess.

  3. paige poe on

    “you have a dream about explaining IndieBound”

    That’s me all right–my new slogan is Eat IB, Sleep IB, Read IB. When I worked in a bookstore I would often have dreams of receiving. I was excited to see all the new books (of course completely made up by my unconscious mind), then I’d wake up disappointed they weren’t real.

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