I disappeared! I currently don’t have internet access at home, so I haven’t been able to update (I haven’t even been able to catch up on blogs!) But today, I brought my laptop into work so that I could update on my break, because I wanted post some links that have been sitting on my computer, and also to put up the pictures from Idlewild Books.

Okay, three quick links:

1. Another winner done on Jezebel’s Fine Lines feature: A Wrinkle in Time. Loved this, and was pleasantly surprised to see that many of the lines and scenes from the book that are burned into my brain were burned into many other brains.

2. A great article by Ma Jian on Chinese-American relations. Okay, maybe this is not immediately book-related, but I’m really looking forward to reading his new book, and it’s sort of about freedom of expression.

3. From Kash’s Book Corner, a brilliant article that starts: “Buying new books for the store, the crux of my job, can be an exercise in absurdity and futility. It’s an antiquated, inefficient system that hardly takes into account the invention of the personal computer and completely ignores the existence of the internet.” It only gets better from there. Great reading for fellow buyers and for folks who want to understand why the book business is the way it is (well, maybe not UNDERSTAND why, but at least understand the crazy).

Last Friday, I went on another Book Buddies expedition, this time to Idlewild Books. This issue of Shelf Awareness has an article about it. You might have seen an article about the store in PW, or on BoingBoing. After the cut, pictures of the store–they have great pictures on their website, as well, but I just had to take some of my own because I love the space. Also, a cat picture!

Idlewild is a bookstore organized by country, which I thought might be chaos, but actually, it is brilliant.

Idlewild shelf

I loved the layout of the store. It’s open and airy and beautiful. The selection is fabulous, too.





Isn’t it lovely? The Shelf Awareness article about the meeting is great, so please read it, and if you’re near the store, go in for yourself.

And now for the cat picture:

Dimitri guards my books

That is one of my two kitties, Dimitri (so named by his foster mom because he’s part Russian Blue, though it is a very literary name). He is very shy, because he was abused as a little kitty, and the few months I’ve had him, I haven’t seen much of him. Lately, though, he’s been venturing out more and more, and this morning I took this picture of him bravely guarding my stack of books. What a gentleman!

As an aside, the pile he’s guarding is the ever-growing stack of books that are read but not yet blogged. May this be the week that I finally take care of that stack!


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  1. Laurie Halse Anderson on

    A Dimitri sighting! Wow!

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