IndieBound in pictures

Sorry for my continued absences.  I’m still getting the hang of having a second job in my schedule (although barista is not a bad job to add to bookselling–I’ve been selling books while serving coffee!)  But I did definitely want to post about how my store has been promoting and using IndieBound.  Monday and Tuesday of this week we changed the windows to promote, changed one of our main display tables to echo the windows, and changed the BookSense Picks table to the Indie Next List table.  I’ve also started explaining all the ins and outs of the changes to each bookseller in the store individually, and so far the response has been GREAT!  I couldn’t have hoped for a more excitement and acceptance.

So, here’s a picture of the EAT SLEEP READ window to whet your appetite:

IndieBound window

And here’s the link to a Flickr set of pictures from the last two days: IndieBound photos.  Enjoy, and feedback VERY welcome.  I’ll keep updating our progress with IndieBound as it occurs–my next step is to start playing with and using the Identity Manager.  What has your store done with IndieBound so far, or what are you working on?


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  1. Fish on

    liked the shots but too much glare. the internal ones were good – espesh the cute bookseller!

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