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First, blogs recently added to my reader and sidebar:

Norlight Lit Life: Just started by Northern Lights Books and Gifts, in Duluth, MN. I’ve been emailing with John of Northern Lights and he seems pretty awesome so I think this blog will be, too.

Zeitgeist: Just started by Bookazine. ❤ Bookazine, ❤ the idea of this blog and hope they keep it up.

Corpus Libris: I can’t even describe this blog, you just have to go look at it. I saw it last night and since I came into work this morning, have been on the look out for a book I could use for a picture!

Also: I cannot go to Bookstream’s TitleWave event on Monday because not only is it Musikfest (groan), but Janis Ian is doing an event here from 1-2pm, so it’s all hands on deck. But Mid-Atlantic-area booksellers reading this blog should! Free baked goods, people! Also, Princeton is home to my favorite ice cream shop in the world. And you get to hang out with booksellers, which is second only to a good night’s sleep in terms of recharging.

Finally, a fascinating book that I finished yesterday after being handed it by Head Buyer: Ghettonation: A Journey Into the Land of Bling and the Home of the Shameless (59).I’m not linking to her site because it only links chains, but you might check that out too. Basically, Cora Daniels is theorizing that the “ghetto mindset” has infected every corner of society, all classes, races, etc. And she makes a great case. Further, the book is just plain fun to read. I would definitely recommend it; pick it up and read any random piece, you’ll definitely want to read the whole thing. Also reading at work: Comic Book Tattoo, a collection of short comics based on Tori Amos songs. Which I had to order in, because that is a book aimed straight at my heart. I’ve been reading pieces here and there, though, and I have to say a number of them have been disappointing in one way or another. But enough of them have been good that I will probably end up getting it. It really is a stellar collection of writers and artists, and obviously the source material is solid, but I’ve been kind of bored by some of the stories, or they’re too short. On the other hand, it’s been really cool to see which direction people have taken many of the songs. So, I’d recommend it for Tori fans–lawd knows they’re legion–but I’m not sure how other people will respond.


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  1. jmcc on

    Thanks for the very kind compliment and support. I hope I can live up to it…

    And also thanks for the great links!

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