Event photos

Photos and photo sets!  First, from last Saturday’s cookbook tasting event for Screen Doors and Sweet Tea, which is great.  Here’s a photo of Head Buyer and Bookavore (I am the one dressed up as a 50s housewife for the day, complete with pearls):

You can see the rest of the set here.

And here’s my favorite picture from last night’s midnight release for Breaking Dawn:

She hadn’t quite finished Eclipse but was almost done by midnight!  Another I love:

That’s right, that shirt says Cullen on the back.  We wanted the bobbing for apples to take place with vampire fangs, but you try finding 50 pair of vampire fangs in August (if you have been too shortsighted to order them online and don’t realize how hard it will be to find them until 3 days before your event).  You can see the set for the party here.  How were everybody else’s midnight releases?


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  1. debbi michiko florence on

    Wish I could have been at your party! I would have worn a Team Cullen shirt too! Just started BREAKING DAWN today. Not sure I can stay up all night to read it, but maybe by tomorrow I’ll be done! Yum!

    (I did not make it to a party – too old, too tired, too dull!) 😉

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