I need an intervention

According to this article (via Bookninja), I am a lit junkie.

And I’m an unapologetic one.  Why, just last night, I stayed up until 1am reading one of the stupidest YA novels I have ever read, simply to satisfy my craving to get to the end.  I wasn’t even truly reading, for the second half, just skimming as fast as possible through the utterly predictable plot “twists” to slump into the boring and stupid ending.  An hour wasted, but I got my fix!  (Though I did feel vaguely dirty when I woke up and it was on the pillow next to me.)


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  1. Jessica on

    I just love that British people (at least magazine writers) get to use the word “saddo” instead of “dork”.

    I’ve been overindulging in the comic books lately — not lit-comics, mind you, but action-adventure-capes-and-cowls comics, and not even pausing to really analyze the art. Some of them are semi-respectable, but mostly they’re like my junky snack in between book-meals. What’s wrong with us??

  2. amateurdelivre on

    That is too funny…I must need an intervention too:)

  3. Jacqui on

    Oh my. That is me. I stayed up way too late last night just to finish something I wasn’t even enjoying.

    On the other hand, I picked up The Underneath today and read it all. Yum.

  4. Debbi Michiko Florence on

    Just wanted to let you know that in appreciation of your blog, I have passed along to you a Brilliante Weblog award. 🙂


  5. Ruth on

    “In any case, voracious reading in a kid is seen as a sign of intellect. Of course, the older you get, the less this applies; the plea that ‘adults are boring’ definitely sounds emotionally retarded when you’re 25.”

    Yep, this article is me through and through.

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