A report from the field

I just overheard a customer who asked for a book (The Anglo Files, which we did have in stock) and then change her mind, because she has a Kindle, and would prefer to buy it that way. But I still have not actually SEEN one of these mythical machines! Anyway, she bought a lot of other dead-tree format books that are available on the Kindle, but all PBs. So at least in my store, the Kindle/e-book reader is not the death of books, but the death of HC. (Which, quite frankly, I’ve been wanting for years.)


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  1. Shari on

    My hubby is longing to get his hands on a Kindle. Me, I’m all about sacrificing trees for the sake of holding a “real” book in my hands, lol. It will be interesting to see how the whole e-book thing plays out.

  2. Mei Mei on

    Mom has one! How haven’t you seen it yet?

    Miss you.

  3. jmcc on

    I think reading is still a pretty tactile experience for most people, even including the bookstore experience. Granted, people still say that about vinyl, so I’m not sure if ebooks will be the new mp3s or the new gigipets. I anticipate they’ll be like much of amazonian fares- the incredibly popular/new books and the hard to find, all but out of print books that few people stock.

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