Link the first: from Cory Doctorow, an absolutely brilliant idea for publishers that I know I personally would use almost every day both as a blogger, and at work.

Link the second: from the Telegraph, Roald Dahl was a total ladies’ man!  !!!!!!!!!

Link the third: a lovely discovery via ABA Omnibus. The newly-formed blog of Joyce Hinnefeld, author of In Hovering Flight, this month’s #1 IndieNext pick.  Dr. Hinnefeld was my creative writing professor in college, so her success makes me so happy (not to mention, it is a great book).  And as if the whole shebang weren’t awesome enough, she’s just blogged about IndieBound!


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  1. Joyce H. on

    Thank you for this endorsement, Stef! And you know, you really don’t have to call me Dr. Hinnefeld anymore . . . .

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