In which I love Colleen Doran even more

Because of this blog entry from a few days ago.  Colleen is the supremely-talented writer and artist of, among other things, the A Distant Soil series, which I love.  I often recommend it to people, especially women, who are not sure they will dig comics.  She is also a totally awesome lady for lots of reasons, least of all that when I recognized her at BEA a few years ago, she gave me a free copy of the first trade of A Distant Soil and signed it (it is so easy to win a fangrrl’s heart) while in the middle of helping run the booth at which she was helping.  If your store has more than a shelf of graphic novels, it should have her work.

And one more comics link: my store made a brief cameo on Standard Attrition, the group blog of some of the best comics creators in the business (and one of my new favorite comics blogs).  I read the first issue of Air, featured in the picture, and really liked it.  G. Willow Wilson’s first book, Cairo, is also another comic-shelf must-have.


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