Hilarity and a contest winner

Well, it’s been exciting around here, so I have not posted a winner!  Not only is Tomie dePaola coming next week (and I’ll spare you my diatribe on how people just REFUSE to say his name correctly), but we have been blessed with a last-minute visit from Jeff Kinney (!) the week after that, so everything’s all a-bustle.


The book was, as several people guessed, When You Are Engulfed in Flames, by David Sedaris.  The winner is PAUL!  Yay, Paul!  You have clearly missed your calling as a bookseller, as I remember that you once said you would actually ENJOY doing co-op.  (You sick man.)  Luckily for me, Paul is a regular customer (in addition to a fabulous author), so I will just leave his prize on the hold shelf!  Once I figure out what it is.  I was thinking book-related temporary tattoos.

As for Jessica’s comment: “Our usual tactic would be to show the customer a bunch of books until something clicks, rather than cling to any delusion that they really know what they’re talking about.”  That is, in fact, precisely how I located this particular book.  Luckily, our IndieBound bestsellers are right next to the register, so that skeleton face was staring right at me.

Thanks everyone who played!  Next one to be posted as soon as I experience it.  As a thank you, I provide this link, sent to me by BOB (Beau of Bookavore).  By Kevin Cannon, a Watchmen/children’s book spoof created for 24 Hour Comics Day that is just absolute genius.

O yeah, and sign the petition for an Ezra Jack Keats stamp!


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  1. Paul on

    Hurray for me! I like to win. My dream job remains Director of Co-op & Community Relations for an indie bookshop. I’d (partly) fund it with co-op money and run the whole operation like the Obama campaign with meet-ups and a MyBooks social network and people on street corners handing out book reviews and sample chapters to commuters and yard signs promoting favorite titles. Also, regarding that question you asked a few weeks ago about what to name the tweens section: I wish you could call everything for grades 5ish to 10ish YA so that young teens might not discount things like View from Saturday or Love that Dog or Winn Dixie (did you know you can get a Winn Dixie plush dog? Isn’t that kind of cool and weird at the same time?) True teen stuff would go into the adult section to attract 1) teens and 2) grown-up readers looking for challenging books that weigh less than 800 pounds and don’t end with characters halfway or more toward death.

    Speaking of death, Year of Wonders: A Novel of the Plague by Geraldine Brooks is an awesome read which would be a great crossover from adults to teens. Also, check out 10 Mile River by Paul Griffin which is amazing great shockingly beautiful YA.

    Can you tell I’ve had a bit too much coffee this morning? We may visit the shop tomorrow with a dog or two in tow for downtown Doggie Day Parade. That will be prize enough. Hope all’s well! And thanks!
    – Paul

  2. jmcc on

    that spoof is great. I particularly appreciate the Williams reference!

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