So a bookseller walks into a bar…

Last night, I went straight from the bookshop to barista-ing to the bar, lugging a bunch of galleys with me as I went (naturally). When I put down my stack of books to get my ID out, the bouncer asked, “are those part of your costume?”

“No,” I said, “they’re part of my job.” He looked at me disbelievingly. “Really!” I said.

Who knows? Maybe the combination of stack of books plus vintage coats equals automatic librarian? I wish I had known earlier that a Halloween costume could be as easy as getting dressed!

Here’s a Halloween game for you. A friend and I were mocking the unstoppable Halloween juggernaut of women’s costumes that are sexy+noun. Sexy light bulb! Sexy oven mitt! Sexy koi fish! Sexy hand puppet! etc. Since I got in today, I’m beginning to think of literary ones.

Sexy Virginia Woolf! Sexy Esther Greenwood! Sexy Ignatius Reilly! Can you think of any more awesome ones? I want to be the hit of McNally Jackson’s literary Halloween party next year (since I can’t go this year), and I think being sexy Strega Nona is JUST the ticket.


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  1. Jessica on

    Hey Stephanie,

    You should have seen Sexy Don Quixote!

    Seriously, my friends/coworkers and I play the same game, and the Don Quixote with pink hair and a tin foil helmet was sort of the ultimate joke about it. Myself, I was Cruella De Vil, but kept getting Tina Turner jokes — perhaps my black-and-white hair was a little too post-punk?…

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