It’s time to play…II

All from Saturday!

Here’s a softball for ya, verbatim: “I’m looking for a book called June, June, June.”  Even when I told her what it was really called, she wasn’t convinced until I read the synopsis.  Do you know what book it is?

Here’s one that might be too hard, because it’s store-specific, but try your luck: “It was a staff pick in the email newsletter awhile ago, and everybody loved it, and it’s about women, and it has a boot on the cover.”  What do you think?

And here’s one that I myself just pulled on the children’s book buyer a second ago, when somebody asked for a recommendation for a book for an 8-year-old girl: “You know, Jane, the author who has all the those best-selling books, and they have pictures and they’re bigger than normal and this series has pigs in it!”  Luckily, Jane knew what I meant.  Do you?

(Confused about what game we’re playing?  Read this post.)


5 comments so far

  1. Jacqui on

    Okay, The Three Junes, yes? And is the pig series Kate DiCamillo’s Mercy Watson books?

    I am pondering the middle one.

  2. Doret on

    I’d say three Junes as well for the first one. I have no clue what the second one is and I knew the third one after I looked at Jacqui’s answer. Though I do feel bad about not getting that last one.

  3. missy on

    Three Junes, Three Junes, Three Junes!

  4. jmcc on

    finally! Vindication for not deleting emails! I won’t ruin it for anyone still gunning to find #2, but I’ll put forth my guess that it was on this past Thursday’s Bookmark.

  5. jessica on

    #2 has got to be marisa de los santos, belong to me. although as a librarian-wannabe, i might be at an advantage at this game 🙂

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