Caligula for President

Normally, for me, writing staff picks is like pulling teeth.  (That must be obvious, since I haven’t really reviewed anything since May, and the “books to be blogged” pile in my bedroom has become an honestaGawd hazard in my bedroom.)  But I had such fun with this one this week while working on the weekly email newsletter that I thought I’d post it here!

Caligula for President, by Cintra Wilson (Bloomsbury, $12). 

Are you feeling a bit too uplifted by Obama’s recent election?  Have you begun to believe that American democracy is a powerful force driven by the will of the people?  Or perhaps you are simply too happy, and would like to properly despair about the state of the world.  Whatever your trouble, Caligula for President will cure it.  A stunning quasi-novel from one of America’s smarter satirists that manages to pack Roman history and American politics onto every page.  This book will undoubtedly skewer you somewhere painful, but don’t worry, you’ll be too distracted to notice.  Every bit as relentless as you’d expect, given that’s it’s supposedly straight from the mouth of a man whose name is almost synonymous with tyranny–but the humor will keep you coming back for more.


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  1. Ruth on

    This would make a fun Christmas gift for my mother. She nicknamed me Caligula during my bossy teenage years. I probably deserved it.

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