December is National Buy a Book By a Black Author and Give It to Somebody Not Black Month

via GalleyCat, author Carleen Brice has created a new holiday that is pretty awesome.  And no cheating: “Oh, one other thing, white people already know about Toni Morrison, so please choose something else besides A Mercy.”  True enough, I sold two copies of it to white people today.

I really appreciate her suggestions and those in comments; as a white bookseller living and working in a predominately white area, I’ve never really taken the time to learn much about books by black authors that aren’t being thrust at me by sales reps.  To be honest, I can see it being kind of difficult to handsell books by black authors to white people, sort of how many men are hard to handsell on books written by women.  But that shouldn’t excuse my lack of knowledge or give me a reason not to try.  I’ve added a few of her recommendations to my IndieBound wishlist, since that is basically my Christmas list (plus Pyrex storageware and new stockings) and hope someone will celebrate with me!

(By giving me books, naturally.  I promise to return the favor, even if you are not somebody not black.)

Had to add the blog to my reader and blogroll after reading this from the first post: “Here is where you’ll be safely, carefully introduced to books written by black people. Now, don’t be alarmed. The books are written by black people, but like other books, they can be read by anybody.”


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  1. Sarah Rettger on

    Kendra, by Coe Booth. Go read it.

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