Links that have nothing to do with one another

Firstly, I have never liked Emily the Strange.  And now I see that my visceral dislike may have been well-founded in the knowledge that she was STOLEN from Nate the Great! (via Journalista)

Next, if you have 20-30 minutes, this story by Paolo Bacigalupi is one of the better short stories I’ve read in a awhile, and it’s free! (via io9)

Finally, this might not be interesting to anybody but me, but: this is a very intriguing analysis of a comic series called Invincible–why it didn’t sell very well until issue #14, and what factors affected it.  If you’ve been wondering at all what the “Direct Market” (comic sales at comic stores) is like in terms of ordering and so on, this would be interesting to you.  (As for the comic itself, I liked it, but did not love it, although I know a number of people who do.  I prefer his other Image book, The Walking Dead, which I bet you would like too, even if you don’t like zombies.)  (also via Journalista)


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  1. Sarah on

    So true!! I always suspected Emily the Strange was just a Rosamund poseur.

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