Shhhhh, it’s a Secret!

I just had to post this before I forgot!  If you had been in the store a minute ago, you would have heard the following:

Bookavore, while reading Shelf Awareness: “Head Buyer, did you see that next Tuesday the new Rhonda Byrne book is coming out?”

HB: “Oh, lord, what is it?”

B: “The Secret Daily Teachings.”

HB: “Oh, god.  It’s always the daily guidebook second.  Next it will be a journal.  And then a special version for teens.”

B: “The Secret for Men!  The Secret for Dogs and Their Owners!”

HB: “The Secret for Dangerous Cats.  The Secret for Men Who Play Too Many Video Games.  The Secret for Women Who Love Men Who Play Too Many Video Games!”

-hysterical laughter-



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  1. Doret on

    Yep that’s how it goes. Some how calenders got bumped up the list. Have you seen the new Rick Warren? I think its the Purpose of Christmas or something like that. And I am so over the chicken soup series I don’t care if they did change the covers.

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