It’s time to play…III

O yeah, I almost forgot, here’s today’s challenge.  We got more clues as it went on.  I’ll try to re-create the experience here.

Customer (a very nice lady, it must be said): “I’m looking for a book, by a father and son, that is very popular.  It’s a one word title.”  She didn’t know what it was about.

At a loss?  So were we.  Then we got: “I think their last name starts with Mc.”  As in, the father and son.

Three of us instantly figured it out.  Keeping in mind that when you play the bookseller game, not all the clues are necessarily accurate, do you know which book she wanted?


4 comments so far

  1. Amy on

    Is it The Shack by William P. Young in Collaboration with Wayne Jacobson and Brad Cummings?

  2. Tanya Kyi on

    The Road, by Cormac McCarthy? It’s at least about a father and son, if not written by them. And there’s the Mc…

  3. jessica on

    aw man, my mind went instantly to the beautiful boy/tweak pair. however, that would render EVERY clue invalid. it’s not even one book!

  4. missy on

    The Road–McCarthy.

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