If you are the bookselling type, you may have noticed your friendly neightborhood Bookavore in Bookselling This Week today.  I wanted to make sure that everybody knew about how much fun we are having with this:

“Moravian is also actively promoting the IndieBound.org holiday book wishlist, and sponsoring a contest based on the movement’s ‘Why a Book?’ taglines. Customers are invited to come up with their own taglines. ‘It’s keeping us endlessly entertained,’ said Anderson, ‘and it’s something fun to do for the holidays.’ Her favorite so far comes from one of Morvavian’s loyal teenage customers — ‘Because, because, because, because………….because of the wonderful things it does!’ Staff will pick their three favorites, and the winners will receive their choices of staff-pick titles.”  (sorry, BTW, I edited it a little bit!)

web-scented_candleThis is my favorite of the IndieBound ones!

We really are having a lot of fun with this.  We got the idea because we’ve done two previous contests this year (one for the six-word memoirs, and one for Banned Books Week where people voted on their favorite banned book), and both times were just stunned by the number of people who participated and the quality of the submissions.  When we were pondering what we wanted to do this holiday, this just seemed the natural thing to do.  And I’ve already gotten at least a dozen submissions, both via email (it’s advertised in our weekly email newsletter) and in the store.  All of them have been good, and as a nice side bennie, several have included notes about how much people love the store and appreciate us being there.   Which is always a nice way to start the morning!

It’s not too late!  You can still do this in your store!  It maybe took me 1 hour total to write the copy for the email, make the slips, and make a poster.  The only thing you really need is a color printer and scissors.  I’ll even let you plagiarize my email copy if you want!  We’re running ours until the Sunday before Christmas, so we can announce the winner before Christmas, but you could run it all month if you wanted.  DO IT NOW, the power of Bookavore compels you!


2 comments so far

  1. missy on

    I just need to tell you, that when I said to that someone you quoted, how would you answer “why a book?” that is the FIRST thing that popped out of her mouth and it only took her 3 seconds of think time!!!!! I just stared at her, and said–“send it to Stephanie–she’ll love it!”

  2. jmcc on

    That is a great idea! I will be plagiarizing copy like a nervous student who forgot about the term paper until the night before!

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