On hiatus (sort of)

Your Bookavore will not be around much, for the next few weeks.  Partially this is because her store is a madhouse right now (this is a good thing!) and partially because she does not have Internet access at her home right now (this is a BAD thing; I am embarrassingly behind on EVERYTHING; I did not even know that someone had thrown shoes at our outgoing president until this morning, for Pete’s sake).  Partially this is for IRL reasons that will be explained in January.

I will post a bit, maybe, but in the meantime I invite you to be just as fascinated by the re-launch of Holt Uncensored as I have been.   Just spent a very enjoyable lunch break reading it!  As an event coordinator at a store outside a major “media market” (whatever the hell that is), and thus having to call a number of publicists, this made me laugh through a mouthful of lo mein (VERY attractive, I assure you):  “By now, however, working in close proximity has made New York book publishers appear inbred and clannish. If you can’t get them on the phone, it’s because they’re calling/emailing/texting each other, lunching at publishing “in” spots, complaining about hotel rates at Frankfurt or BookExpo and working the room at author receptions as if a world outside publishing doesn’t exist.”


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