Quick link: venture capital

This article by Sander Hicks, proprietor of Vox Pop (Books–Coffee–Democracy) should be absolutely fascinating to people interested in the potential for other ways of financing a business (in the case of many Bookavore readers, I’m guessing business = bookstore).  Building on the idea of microfinance/microloans, he suggests something called the U. S. Social Ventures Administration, in which the government basically sets up a venture capital fund to lend to small businesses across the country.  In other words, the government moves from being a donor to being an investor.  The federal government would suddenly have more of a vested interest in small businesses, not just large corporate donors, since it’ll want the best return on its money.

It’s not perfect.  But it’s a very interesting seed of an idea that helps to re-frame the debate about what the government should do with its money, and ways in which small business, government, and community are related.  What do you think?


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