Post-holiday greeting

Hello, from the other side of the holidays!

I definitely wanted to share this link, from TheHappyNappyBookseller, because all booksellers know the creeping feeling of The Look overtaking The Fake Happy Smile.  And along the same lines, say this, for all the over-privileged rich ladies out there, since I’m sure they read my blog in droves.  Attention, o ye rich liberals who listen to NPR: JUST BECAUSE A BOOK IS ON NPR DOES NOT MEAN BOOKSTORES ARE OBLIGATED TO HAVE IT.  You listen to NPR.  So you should know that there are like one hundred authors on NPR a week!  Many of them haven’t published a book in a few years, or their book is a $45 university press hardcover, or any of the many other reasons we chose not to stock books.  An author is going to be on NPR?  Sure, that’ll make us give a book consideration.  But it doesn’t promise anything.  If you want to go to a building that is guaranteed to have every book ever written by authors that go on NPR, may I suggest the Library of Congress?

Alright, that’s all I wanted to say.  One more person comes in, asks for a book we don’t have (but can get next day), and then whines, “but the author was on NPRRRRRRRR last weeeeeeeek!” will get nothing more than a raised eyebrow from me, customer service be damned.

Other than that, I had a great holiday, the store had a great holiday, and my life is about to get crazy.  Tune in tomorrow to find out why!


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