Go east, young Bookavore

Alright, it’s time to go public with my big news.

I am on verge of moving and changing jobs!

Don’t worry, I’ll still be a bookavore.  I’ll just be doing it in Brooklyn.  Not only will I be living there (this, of course, hinges on finding an apartment, but let’s just all keep our fingers crossed on that one), but I’ll be working there.  Specifically, working here.


So, if I am not the most attentive blogger until mid-February, that is why.  I’ll be twittering every book I finish, and posting from time to time, and I’m sure I’ll post from Winter Institute.  Bethlehem readers: my last day is January 17.  Drop by and say hi before I go, please!

Well!  There it is!  I’ll update my about page shortly, on the off chance that any of y’all are sticklers about that.  And I’m sure at some point in 2011 I’ll get around to updating my Facebook page.


2 comments so far

  1. Fortune on

    Now that you’re going to be in NYC I can come buy books from you! haha

  2. jerrywaxler on

    Hey. Just when I got to know you at Moravian, you’re moving. Congratulations. Well at least I can keep in touch on the web. I love your blog name. Keep in touch with me, too, by reading http://www.memorywritersnetwork.com/blog – where I consume memoirs and write about them. Hey maybe I ought to name myself “memoiravore” – ha ha Okay, maybe not.

    Congratulations, and Best wishes.

    Jerry Waxler
    Memory Writers Network

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