Bookavore in the Great Snowy North

Hello from the middle of nowhere!  I am taking a wee vacation with my mom before the insane rush of packpackpackNYCSaltLakeCityWinterInstitiuteNYCmovemovemove.  And wouldn’t you know, I checked my mail this morning, and read Shelf Awareness, and it’s a family affair for us today.  I’ve been quoted quite a bit in Robert Gray’s “Where Will You Be Reading Next?” This article is basically about what’s going to happen with e-books, and how that applies to indie store.  Please read and let me know what you think–this is something I just cannot stop thinking about and I am curious to hear as many opinions as possible.

My mom’s news is more interesting, though.  Chains won the 2009 Scott O’Dell Award for historical fiction!  I’m not linking to Scott O’Dell’s website because he only links to Amazon for purchasing the award winners. Instead, go to her blog and congratulate her on her sticker with the three dolphins.  And in other interesting LHA news, after hearing me talking about it all the time, she has a Twitter!


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  1. jmcc on

    I definitely feel that the physical book will last. That tactile experience of picking up a book and turning pages is hard to meet.

    The comment before yours re: it won’t be significant until it comes down in price has some truth to it, but I don’t think the price reduction will have to be very large – especially if they start discounting the titles, or if people start pirating the titles.

    As a bookseller in a region where I haven’t heard much call for the e-books, it’s a good reminder to keep them on our radar screen and start looking at how people are including them into their markets. It’s vital to not be caught with one’s head in the sand on this. It’s also a little reassuring that we’ll have a bit of a buffer to see a few models and how they work out before we take that investment step ourselves. I’m really glad that you’re in a position to experiment and put a lot of your great ideas into action – to then tell us of the results!

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