LinkIndie update: IndieBound comes through in a big way

You spoke, IndieBound answered.  If you are on the list to get updates from IndieBound, you know that this morning (or was it afternoon? now that I work somewhere that opens at 11am, my sense of time is a little messed up. anyway.) they sent out an email with several great updates. But the one that I am most excited about is Book Info Pages.  From the email:

“Now it’s easier than ever to link to IndieBound and support independent bookstores on your own website.  Just click on any book link or book result from our site search, and you’ll be presented with a separate page with cover art and a brief book description.

“Included on each page are links to buy the book online directly from a store near you, locate a store on the Indie Store Finder Map, and add the book to your Wish List, as well as a widget for linking to the book on your own website, if you’re an affiliate.  You can also just copy and paste the book info page’s URL–it’s a permanent link to the book.”

(Update: If you did not see the email, Matt has posted the same text on his blog, you can read it there.)

They suggest, and I do too, that you try it out with the Indie Bestsellers.

I will admit that I held off sending my emails because I was hoping this would happen.  This is exactly the first step we needed to make IndieBound links more internet-friendly. Major kudos to IndieBound and the ABA not just for doing this, but also for doing it at least partially in response to requests, and for doing it so quickly.  Even if I hated books, my job would be worth it just to have such a supportive and responsive trade organization.

Perhaps you were holding off too?  No more excuses!  Send them today!  Or perhaps you did not.  Anybody have any stories to share?


3 comments so far

  1. Kate Messner on

    This is awesome – thank you!

  2. Jacqui Robbins on

    Exactly! Thanks.

  3. Laurie Halse Anderson on

    Can you tell me which super-awesome person at IndieBound should get a love-filled thank you note for making this happen?

    I am SO excited about this!!!

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