You don’t have to take my word for it!

Today the first of my new column, Namastechnology, appeared in Shelf Awareness.  The column–which was named by a fellow bookseller who I will mostly definitely be crediting next month, because he deserves for people to know how clever he is–will be about bookselling and technology, trying to bring them into balance with each other.  This first one is a guide to Twitter, and even if you’re not a bookseller, I hope it might help make Twitter make a little more sense.

I wanted to add something here, though–the article got long and we had to cut something, but I love it too much to let it go completely.  And we’re supposed to be adding value to everything now, right?  So here’s the added value for this month’s catalog.  It’s a quote from LeVar Burton, who has been dear to my heart since my PBS-riddled childhood, from a blog post about his discovery of Twitter:

“After lurking for a while (not in a creepy context, simply observing) it occurred to me that I had encountered in Twitter a bona fide community of individuals bound together by common interests and occasionally, ideals. Which brings me finally, to my point. If we are to get through these trying times in which we live, and I definitely believe it our destiny to do so, it is important for us all to remember that none of us is in this alone. It makes sense to me that we are going to need each other to get through this! During a time such as this when monetary resources are scarce, the one commodity we have unlimited access to is the currency of our compassion. It is, I believe, incumbent upon each of us to be willing to extend ourselves to those around us, to support one another through these interesting times. It seems to me that our willingness to engage one another on that level is as good a way as any, to bring a blessing from a curse.”

I love it because I think there are so many echoes of what indie booksellers have been saying for the last year or so—“individuals bound together by common interests”—I mean, you’d swear the man had read the Declaration of IndieBound!

Have you been using Twitter?  Why or why not?  Any good stories to share?


2 comments so far

  1. Sarah Rettger on

    I used LeVar’s post – actually, the version of it he recorded – to explain to my mom *why* I’m so hooked on Twitter.

  2. Rebbie Macintyre on

    congrats on the new column! But where’s your Twitter link? I want to follow you. I’m at

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