Of blogs and blogrolls

There’s a whole lot of fantastic floating around the book blogs lately.  Let’s start with a guest post by Patrick of Vroman’s at Booksellers Blog.  As I have been saying in person quite a lot, Patrick and Vroman’s are, I think, the best example in indie bookselling of how to best use the internet to promote your store.  I don’t know if I will ever get to Pasadena, but I feel like I just KNOW what Vroman’s is like from their web presence (primarily the blog and Twitter, for me).  Even if you’re already clued into the fun and importance of blogging, I highly recommend reading this post.  And ladies (and gay men), even if you don’t give a honk about blogging, I recommend clicking through to look at the picture of Patrick, who is a very nice-looking man.  And then maybe read the post too.

Booksellers will also be interested in the latest post on Kash’s Book Corner.  We are all good at being cranky about the hoards of self-published authors out there (I’ve been tweaking an essay about self-publishing that I may, one day, develop the cojones to post)–this post is an important reminder that there are great writers out there who self-publish because they run headlong into the corporate structures of publishing.  And booksellers, you know you can sympathize with running headlong into the corporate structures of publishing.

Finally, I’ve been slowly but surely revamping my blogroll.  Fellow bookavore are book people, honorary bookavores are not book people.  Well, they might like books, but that’s not the gist of their blog.  Mandatory warning that most if not all of those links are absolutely NSFW, especially if you work at the RNC.


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  1. Patrick on

    Ok, now I’m blushing.

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