LinkIndie is about keeping your eyes open

Thought I’d share a little success story. Time Out NY recently linked to a WORD employee’s trailer for an upcoming film and talked about a great event we had last week.  He also referred to our selection as “solid,” which is awesome, and talked about the two books he bought here.  All of which is great, except–he hotlinked the two books he bought here by sending readers to the Amazon page.  Ack.

So, I wrote to the email listed on the page:


I’m writing to thank Drew Toal for his mention of WORD yesterday. We appreciate the publicity and are always glad to hear that people have had a great experience in our store!

However, I do have one small favor to ask.  In the future, when your blog writes stories about any of the fantastic independent bookstores in NYC, would you consider sending any book links to IndieBound?  I’d hate to think that someone might have seen the books you bought at our store by clicking on the Amazon link, and then bought them on Amazon instead of with us or another indie bookstore.  For example, the link to HOME LAND would have gone here.

Thanks for your consideration, and thanks again for the shout-out!”

I heard back from with him literally within minutes; he apologized and said he had changed the links.  And he did, see here.  That easy! I’ve seen a lot of booksellers and bookstores being proactive about this on Twitter, too.  Anybody else got a good success story to share?

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  1. Word on

    I didn’t even know you did this! You’re a rock star.

  2. bookavore on

    Here’s a great link that @IndieRob (aka Rob from Clinton Book Shop) posted about a success story of his own:

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