You know you’re a bookseller when…

I wasn’t going to post this originally, but my new co-worker assures me that it is funny rather than sad.  I hope you agree.

You know you’re a bookseller when…the end date on your weight-loss plan is “BEA.”


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  1. Kel on

    As I sit here eating more peanut butter! I really need to go do some grocery shopping. Thanks for the reminder to shop healthy 🙂

  2. Rebecca on

    You too?!? Not heading to BEA this year sadly, but in all other senses – yes. Funny coincidence.

    Also how to know you’re a bookseller – you’ve visited all 3 1/2 local independent bookstores and the library on your day off and get grumpy ’cause there’s nothing left to go do at 3 pm in the afternoon. Only then do you realize that by “nothing left to do” do you mean “no more bookstores/libraries within walking distance to go see”.

  3. Paige on

    Hahaha yep, I’m going to tack myself on as an honorary bookseller in this instance.

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