Quick post to link to advanced.reader’s post suggesting the potential for publishers to help pay for e-readers for booksellers, with the understanding that they would primarily be used for reading ARCs (and thus cutting down on the ARC mountain).  She calls it a modest proposal and I think it’s definitely something that should be considered.  In fact, in my case, I think it would lead to increased sales–books I really loved I would go out and buy, instead of just keeping the ARC.  Lots of pros and cons discussed in the post.

I will definitely second the shout-out to Sony at the end.  

Sony, if you’re listening?  Get a booth at BEA if you don’t already have one.  If you can’t, get a sidewalk permit and sit next to the falafel stands outside the Javitz Center.  Offer anyone with a badge $100 or $150 off an online purchase of a Sony Reader in the next two months.  You’ll never have a better opportunity to get in good graces with some of the most prolific readers in the country.  As a side bennie, all the indie booksellers attending have a vested interest in your reader becoming and staying more popular than the Kindle.  And we read A LOT.


2 comments so far

  1. jjchristie on

    That is a GREAT idea.

  2. Heather Doss on

    Fabulous idea! I’ve been tempted to shell out the money for a Sony reader myself to limit the number of galleys, ARC’s & printed manuscripts I get each season. While I mail out boxes of galleys to online bloggers each season, I end up throwing out just as many.

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