It’s time to play…IV

Who! Wants! To Be! A Bookseller!

Haven’t had a good one of these in awhile, but here goes:

“I don’t remember what the title or the author is, but it’s a yellow cover, and I think the title is in Arial font.”

First to get it right gets a free Peter Pan donut next time they come to Greenpoint.

O yeah, I pulled one of these at Bergen Street Comics the other day.  I was looking for a book with the following qualities:

—graphic novel

—published by First Second

—I was pretty sure there was a woman on the cover

—and I was pretty sure it was old-fashioned in some way.

First to get this right gets a donut, too.

ETA 4 APR 09: Winners have been declared—this game moves hella faster when Twitter is involved.


10 comments so far

  1. Patrick on

    The Subject Steve, by the great and talented Sam Lipsyte. Where my donut at, yo?

  2. jjchristie on

    The Little Sleep


    The Professor’s Daughter?

  3. Ann Kingman on

    The Help?

    There’s another book I’m thinking of, too, but I can, er, recall the title or author …

  4. The Brain Lair on

    It only looks easy by Pamela Swallow

    I like chocolate donuts

  5. Liberty on

    No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July!

  6. Jennifer on

    You didn’t specify fiction or nonfic, adult or kids – but, maybe GOD IS NOT GREAT?

  7. Katherine on

    My office mate says The Lost Colony for the First Second question.

  8. jmcc on

    I second Liberty’s guess.

  9. Jessica on

    I’m gonna go with No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July and The Professor’s Daughter by Guibert and Sfar.

    If I’m right I’m giving my donut to Michael, though, for not laughing as I flailed about for the names…

    • bookavore on

      Jessica is correct, though behind Liberty (and jmcc via Liberty) and jjchristie, who were correct first. Donuts for all anyway!

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