BEA must-do

Make room for one more awesome event during BEA!






What? The title wasn’t clear enough for you? I think the purpose and content of this trip are obvious enough.

Where? Again, see title. 126 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222.

Why? Because there is only so much show floor you can walk before you get sick of ugly carpet and the feeling of your arms going slowly numb under the weight of four overloaded tote bags. Because you like donuts, or at least are curious about these donuts I talk about all the time. Because you have always secretly wondered if I do, in fact, really eat books for meals. Because all purchases at WORD are 10% off this weekend when you show your BEA badge. Because I have to work all day so I want to bring BEA to me!

When? Saturday, May 30, 11am-9pm.

Who? You! Me. Donuts. Cat pictures. Books.

How? Follow these insanely-detailed directions from Javitz to WORD (hey, I get lost all the time, don’t want that to happen to anyone else):

1. Walk east on W35th towards 10th Ave (those of you without a compass, this means walk out the front doors and in the direction of the construction. They’re still doing construction there, right?). At the corner of 35th and 8th, descend into the subway station.

2. Take the E train heading UPTOWN. Get off at 23rd St/Ely Ave (this is the stop after Lexington Ave/53rd St).

3. Walk through the station toward the G train. At some point it will stop being the 23rd/Ely station and start being the Court Square station, for reasons that have never been made clear to me. Get on the G heading to Smith and 9th St. Almost inevitably, wait for awhile. Wait a little longer. Keep waiting! This is good, you’re getting the real Brooklyn experience.

4. Take the G to Greenpoint Ave. When you get off the train and go through the turnstiles, don’t take the exit immediately to your right, take the one further back on the right.

5. Go up the stairs and immediately turn right. You’ll walk down Manhattan Avenue for a hot minute and then reach Milton St. Make a right on Milton. Walk down it. Then you’ll be at the corner of Franklin and Milton. More importantly, then you’ll be at WORD! Good on ya. If you get lost, you can call me at 718 383 0096.

So there you go. When you need a break from the craziness of BEA, come visit your friendly neighborhood Bookavore for a donut and a smile. And cat pictures.


6 comments so far

  1. holly on

    this should be billed as a tri-borough odyssey! (with treats at the end!)

  2. Melissa on

    Oooh. I’m partial to crullers myself, but ever since I heard about this Greenpoint donut dealership that is like the Holy Land of Donuts (Holey Land of Donuts? Sorry), I’ve been awfully interested in trying one.

  3. gentle reader on

    Well, I only wish I was at BEA. But I did attend a BEA party on twitter. Also Laurie Halse Anderson, via Twitter, pointed me to this post, and I was so happy to know that next time I’m in Brooklyn I may be able to visit Word, enjoy a fabulous donut and a talk about books. So thanks for this!

  4. David Macinnis Gill on

    Right. I’ve a question, then. Where’s Brooklyn?

  5. Rebecca Stead on

    Wish I could be there! Recovering from the 11 year-old’s sleepover b’day party (actual “sleep” took place between 2:20 and 6:00, with some interruption between 4:30 and 5:00).

    But I did read the article about wonderful Greenpoint, Brooklyn in the New York Times. (David, there’s even a map.)

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